8th Grade Winter Formal

The 8th Grade Winter Formal will be held at our Whitestown Unit on December 2, 2023. Individual tickets will go on sale on October 23, 2023. The dress code for this event is semi-formal. We recommend comfortable shoes!

Purchase 8th Grade Winter Formal Tickets here.

  • Please note: If you have already purchased a ticket package, there is no need to purchase an individual ticket.

There will also be the opportunity to capture the fun with the help of an Open Air Photo Booth, complete with playful props, supplied by Bhatta Boom Photo Booth.


A QR code will be sent on Friday to the email listed at purchase. The tickets are all digital this year, so whoever purchases the ticket(s) will receive an individual QR code 24 hours before the night of the event. If you do purchase for more than your own child, you will be responsible for sending the QR codes to the appropriate parties. (A screenshot of the QR code, printed or digital, will work for event admission).

In case of an issue with the QR code, employees will be assisting with check-in. If needed, the attendee’s name will be checked in manually. Please ensure that your child knows the name of the person who purchased the ticket.


To keep traffic flowing, traffic turning out of the Whitestown Unit will ONLY be able to turn NORTH onto 700 East. All kids must be picked up on Club property. Kids will not be able to meet parents at the ZWest Middle School, soccer parking lot, or any other pick-up location.

  1. Please message your children as soon as you enter the parking lot to exit.
  2. Kids will stay in the building until the parents are in the parking lot.
  3. Staff will be requesting kid’s names and making announcements inside the Club that their ride has arrived.
  4. Carpool if possible.
  5. Leave bags and outside food and drinks at home.
  6. Review your pick-up plan with your child.

Please be patient with the process. It is extremely difficult to move 600 teenagers in and out of a building all at the same time.