Here is a listing of color HEX values and image sizes used throughout the site.


  • Dark blue: #004B87
  • Light blue: #0081c6
  • Green: #84BD00 (Whitestown)
  • Orange: #FF8200 (Lebanon)
  • Purple: #9B26B6 (Zionsville)
  • Light Gray: #53565A
  • Dark Gray: #303030
  • Red: #ff0000 (Emergency sticky header message)

Image Sizes

Images can be either png, gif or jpg formats. All images must be exactly the size indicated.

  • Staff Member headshots: 350px by 350px
  • Board Member headshots: 300px by 300px
  • Event images: 350px by 350px
  • Hero/Header images: 1920px by 500px
  • Sponsor Images: 300px by 200px

If you need to size and/or crop your images, you can try PicMonkey or Canva