About the Boys & Girls Club of Boone County

The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County was created in 2018 with the merger of the Lebanon Area Boys & Girls Club and the Boys & Girls Club of Zionsville.   Three units in Lebanon, Whitestown and Zionsville serve over 425* kids daily and 3,000* total members between the ages of 5 to 18. In addition to our daily programming, we offer sports leagues, summer camps, and community programs. In Lebanon, we feed dinner to an average 85* kids, five days a week.

The Boys & Girls Club is more than just an after-school gathering place.  Through purposeful educational and recreational programming, kids and teens gain new skills, make lasting friendships, and build self-confidence.

Our Mission

The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County enables all area youth, especially those that need us most, to develop
the skills, fitness, and character they need to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.

Our Code

I believe in God and the right to worship according to my own faith and religion; I believe in America and the American way of life; the Constitution and Bill of Rights; I believe in Fair Play, Honesty, and Sportsmanship; I believe in my Boys & Girls Club which stands for these things.

Four key characteristics define the essence of the Boys & Girls Club of Boone County.

  • Dedicated Youth Facilities:  With Units in Lebanon, Whitestown and Zionsville, BGCBoone serves 425 kids daily and 3,000 annually.  Buildings are designed solely for youth programs and activities.
  • Open When Kids Need Us Most:  The Units are open weekdays before school in Lebanon and Whitestown, after school and during the summer in all three Units, when kids have free time and need positive, productive outlets.
  • Trained Professional Staff:  Every Unit is directed by trained youth development professionals who act as role models and mentors.  Volunteers provide supplementary support.
  • Available & Affordable:  Membership is $65 per year for any child between the ages of 5-18.  In all Units, an additional $65 monthly fee is charged for after-school programming. Before-school care is offered in Lebanon for $35. We provide scholarships to ensure that no one is turned away!

Average Daily Attendance* 425 Kids in Sports Each Year* 2,200 Kids Provided Breakfast/Dinner Each Day* 85 Number of Members* 3,000